The performance arts program introduces youth to the variety of cultural theatrical experience of performing. The program teaches fundamentals, pose, grace and stage presence. The program is open to all ages.

The JUNIOR marching line consists of young ladies 6-12. This training program is the beginner marching line which prepares youth to advance to senior performance levels.

The SENIOR training line consists of young ladies and men 13-21. This training program is the advance marching line, which has more experience than the junior line. While training at this level, expectations of leadership are more demanding. Upon completion of this marching level, members will have the opportunity to train as a Head Stepper, Drum Major (16 & older), Show Girl (17 & older), or Assistant Drillmaster. When the participant graduates from high school he/she will be prepared to advance their marching skills with a college marching band and/or arm forces.

The “Line of Fire” DRUM CORPS is a program designed for young men and ladies of open ages that are interested in the art of percussion and music.

Participants completing the training program will have general knowledge of music, rudiments, cadence, music composition and technique.